Services Offered by Shipping Companies in Thailand

The global financial crisis that occurred at the end of 2008 made shipping companies worldwide including those from Thailand stronger. Shipping companies worked hard to respond to the needs of their customers so there is no wonder why there is an increase of demand for freight forwarding services in VDE Shipping website.

The article will focus on the services that a shipping company in Thailand can offer its customers. Here are some of the services.

1) Sea Freight Services

Thailand’s sea freight services are considered the best ways to move things. Also, these are economical so many people picked them among other transporting services.

The country’s sea freight services are dominated by domestic and international companies. They both keep the laws and regulations set by the industry. These companies use new technology for communications to make their traditional sea freight improve. Take for example, the sea freight services offered by AMB Freight.

This company gives good options to its customers when it comes to shipping their goods. It maximizes transit time and routes. Also, it considers equipment needs and cargo size of its customers. Dynamic International is another company that offers sea freight services to people living in Thailand. It wants to give its customers a good shipping experience by improving its services. In this way, it will be able to keep its customers for a longer period of time. It can gain new customers, too.

2) Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is important in international and domestic trade. A shipping company in Thailand offers marine insurance to its customers. This is for the protection of goods and cargoes. Also, this is to make sure that goods will be delivered to the right party safe. Since hazards on the seas are unpreventable so right parties are compensated.

Also, do not forget to have your things insured while on board or in transit. Your chosen sea freight company ( will arrange the insurance for you.

3) Transport Live Animals

A shipping company in Thailand offering sea freight services transports live animals; however, there is a limitation for this. Endangered species are not allowed in the ship. UPS, for example, allows the transport of live animals as long as they are not endangered. It strictly follows the laws and regulations set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Threatened wildlife and plants are prohibited, too.

Truly, shipping companies in Thailand do their best to make their customers happy.